Intravenous ChelationChelation is a chemical process in which metals or minerals (calcium, lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, etc.) bond to an amino acid (EDTA – Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid) are removed from the bloodstream – then carried away in the urine. It is used to reverse and slow down the progression of atherosclerotic heart disease, hardening of the arteries, as well as other age-related and degenerative diseases. In many cases, heart attacks, strokes, leg pain and gangrene are helped or avoided using IV Chelation Therapy.

“I came to Alternative Integrated Medical Services for Chelation Therapy, after experiencing chest pain. I had already had by-pass surgery and 4 stents put in – which were put in wrong. After coming for Chelation Treatments twice a week for 1 year, I am now pain-free. Not only am I rid of my chest pain, I have no leg swelling, my blood pressure and cholesterol are now normal and my hearing and vision has greatly improved. In addition to this, my energy level has also increased, my head is clearer, my sleeping has improved and I feel like I’m 30 again! It is just mind boggling, how watching my diet and having Chelation Therapy has helped me! Anytime I hear anyone talking about by-pass surgery, I tell them about my experience with Chelation and how I wish I had never had by-pass surgery. Dr. Radic is great and should never leave the AIMS Clinic!”- Jose C.

EDTA was first introduced in the US (1948) as a treatment for industrial workers who suffered from lead poisoning in a battery factory. Next, the US Navy supported chelation treatment for sailors who absorbed lead while painting government ships and dock facilities. In fact, chelation remains the treatment-of-choice for lead poisoning, even in children who have toxic deposits of lead due to toys, cribs or walls with leaded paint.

EDTA Chelation Therapy is an intravenous procedure, which is administered by a trained Medical Doctor – right in the office. It is relatively non-toxic, risk-free and without pain or discomfort. Patients are seated in comfortable reclining chairs, where they can read, eat, chat, watch TV, do needlework or use their cell phones. Chelation therapy usually consists of 20 to 50 separate infusions, depending on each patients’ health status. Patients regularly drive themselves home after their 2-hour treatment without difficulty.

Chelation Therapy may be an option for those suffering with coronary artery disease, cerebral vascular disease and generalized hardening of the arteries. Symptoms improve, blood flow to diseased organs increases, need for medication often decreases and the quality of life dramatically improves. A healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition, antioxidant supplementation, physical activity and the elimination of destructive habits (tobacco and excessive alcohol) is vital for chelation treatment success, both short and long term.

“About a year and a half ago, I was experiencing major heart palpitations.  I had gone to the doctor, the hospital and had a great deal of tests taken.  It was determined that I had Brugada Syndrome, which is a genetic defect of the heart.  The doctor prescribed Lopressor, a blood pressure medication and beta blocker, which I was taking 75mg, – in the am and pm.  The doctor said there was nothing else he could do for me and to just take care of myself. I was then told about Chelation Therapy by Dr. Picone.  Within four weeks of starting Chelation, my heart palpations were completely gone and within six months, I was able to decrease my medication from 75mg to 25mg. I have been coming to the AIMS Clinic for 1 year and have had between 35-40 Chelation treatments.  I can now say I am feeling 99% better.  Not only has this been a life changing experience, it has been a life saving experience!  Dr. Radic really knows his stuff!” – Mario C.

For heavy metal chelation in New Jersey, our treatment center offers all the comforts of home with a Team of Experts. Many patients become friends and schedule their appointments at the same time, while receiving their IV Chelation for angina pain, hardened and blocked arteries, diabetes, elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, poor circulation, osteoporosis or impaired memory.

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